We will create your personal offer on request! Individually configurable Easy to open and close Frameless weather protection Visually barely noticeable Available in various RAL colors Wonderful - the sun is shining, the temperatures are pleasantly warm and there is no wind. The weather - ideal for the planned evening barbecue with friends. The table is set, the grill is ready and the guests arrive. In the course of the evening a lively atmosphere develops with lively conversations and amusing stories from days gone by. Completely unexpected, and not predicted by the weather service, the wind rose. Dark clouds form in the sky and combine to form a dark gray rain front. The first drops are falling. There is a hurry to get all the utensils dry, the first guests get up and want to leave. The solution is crystal clear quickly. With a quick grip, the glass panels of the MultivetroSystem roll shut with ease and thus give those present protection from bad weather.

Terraces and grandstands
  • terrace
  • balcony
  • Nearer multi-room
  • Individually configurable

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