The "Nestro 3215 S" by Walther Faltsysteme GmbH is a plastic container which has an outside dimension of 300 x 200 x 153 mm and an inside dimension of 212 x 134 x 130 mm. Each of the unit has an approximate weight of 0.47 kg and can handle 15 kg. For this specific model the material is made of "PP". Special dimensions: 310x200 mm Height: 170 mm Internal dimension: 212x134x130 mm Usable volume: 5 litre Load capacity (stat.): 15 kg Stack capacity (stat.): 100 kg Material: PP Colour: pigeon blue Description sides: closed Description base: closed Handles: without piece per pallet: 240

Thermos packaging
  • folding container
  • plastic box
  • pallet box

Product features

External dimensions (approx.) 300 x 200 x 153 mm
Internal dimensions (approx.) 212 x 134 x 130 mm
Weight (approx.) 0.47 kg
Load capacity stat. (approx.) 15 kg
Stack capacity stat. (approx.) 100 kg
Usable volume (approx.) 5 l (1.32 gal)
Colour pigeon blue
Material PP
Quantity per pallet 16
Quantity per truck 250
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