Output 200-350 kgs/hour of spaghetti, nest-shaped pasta and lasagne Equipped either with laminating group (for products obtained from sheet pasta) or spreading cone (for products obtained directly from pasta die) upon demand Stainless steel version available Suitable for continuous productions; fully automatic running controlled by PLC with relevant keyboard enables moulding of nests of the desired dimensions, shapes and lengths, as well as lasagne, automatically spread onto the drying looms and obtained either from laminated sheet pasta or from a pasta die; width of sheet mms. 510 (upon demand up to mms. 540). Upon demand this pasta machine can be equipped with the following: Laminating unit for adjustment of sheet-pasta thickness, made up of couple of chromed, ground rollers Automatic loom-feeding device featuring output of 8 pcs. looms cms. 60x120 with automatic loom-forwarding Loom support after moulding, equipped with pre-drying fans Equipped with electronic speed variator suit

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