Product advantages: ◾three sizes with plenty of room for electronics and interfaces ◾the connectors and cables are hidden under the front lid ◾the cases are moulded in flame retardant material and can be sealed to IP 65 for outdoor applications ◾simple three part assembly - bottom part, front cover and front lid; there are no visible screws on the front, just two on the underside of the lid ◾screw pillars are provided in the bottom part for mounting PCBs and assemblies ◾optional infill covers close the underside opening and can be used for fitting additional PCBs or assemblies ◾three point wall mounting system - no need to open the main electronics section, only the front lid has be refitted after installation ◾supplied with anti-tamper Torx T10 assembly screws ◾NET-BOX cases can also be used as desktop units, accessory non-slip feet are available

Plastic products for the electronics industry
  • Plastic enclosures
  • Outdoor enclosure
  • Enclosure IP65

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NET-BOX | Wall mount enclosures | IP65

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