Network Isolator for PCB assembly, supports 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, and 1000 Mbit/s data transfer rates, Class D Performance, solder pads

Product features

Type PCB Assembly
Mounting Arrangements Soldering
Supplementary ESD Protection Yes (TVS)
Front Connection Solder pads
Rear Connection Solder pads
Supported Ethernet Transfer Rates 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, 1000 Mbit/s
AC Dielectric Strength 4600 V AC @ 50 Hz for 60 s
DC Dielectric Strength 8500 V DC for 60 s
ISO 11801 Performance Category Class D
Insertion Loss (typ.) 0.8 dB @ 100 MHz
Return Loss (typ.) 17 dB @ 100 MHz
UL Recognised Yes (E362969)
Maximum Working Voltage Environment 400 V AC
IEC60601-1 Isolation Type Reinforced Isolation
Weight 6 g
Operational Temperature Range -10°C to +70°C

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