Neurology Drapes- Neurology is concerned with the diagnosis and cure of disorders related to the nervous system including peripheral, vegetative and central nervous system. Neurosurgery is a sub-field that involves operative treatment of lesions that occupy space in any of the organs that make up the above-mentioned three areas of the nervous system. These lesions may be some malformations, tumors, injuries, infections, or hematomas. This type of surgery can be very complicated since it involves very sensitive and vital organs of the human body. Even the most basic of surgeries in this department involve the spinal column, brain and spinal cord along with the peripheral nerves. The surgeon needs to take extra precautions while handling any of these areas during surgery. The main objective is to protect the sterile field from risk of infection since such a surgery can take a long time to complete. Specialised Neuro & EENT Drape- Craniotomy Drape -Craniotomy T Drape

Disposable medical and surgical articles

Product features

Minimum Order Quantity 100 Piece
Application Neurosurgery, EENT Drapes
Types Fixable Drapes
Material Non-Woven
Category Reinforced
Sterility Sterile

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Surgical Drapes by Surgeine Healthcare India Private Limited, New Delhi

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