A synthetic magnesium aluminometasilicate (MSA) with exceptional excipient properties for improving actives delivery and quality of cosmetic preparations. Although chemically the same as traditional crystalline MAS, Neusilin® is both structurally and functionally very different. Fuji Chemicals' proprietary manufacturing process and spray-drying produced a totally unconventional product. The highly porous texture additive can take up 300% of oil, nevertheless being free-flowing. It is resistant to heat, to age and is not water soluble. Manyfold Applications Thanks to these qualities Neusilin® is qualified very well for the application in cosmetics products like make up, powder, rouge or eye shadow. Products including Neusilin® are applied pleasantly, lend the skin a matt finish, reduce obviously little fold and adjust the humidity. Besides Neusilin® neutralises smells, it can be used for deodorant and dental care products. It removes not only disagreeable smells, it can also contri


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