"Your genitals are part of you. And it's time to get to know them, " Nina Brockmann and Ellen Stokken Dahl address their readers, inviting them to a fascinating conversation about the beautiful female body. "Viva la vagina"is written about women specifically for women, so that they can once again see how interesting and amazing their body is. Does the proverbial g-point exist, and why is it called that at all? What rules of intimate hygiene are considered reasonable, and what is still too much? Is it true that the vaginal orgasm is more colorful and stronger than the clitoral one? What kind of contraceptive should I choose so that it is reliable and safe for my health? Nina Brockmann and Ellen Stokken Dahl answer all these questions frankly, thoroughly, and with humor. Maximum information, minimum useless myths-that's what helps a woman to better understand and feel her own body.

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ISBN 978-5-699-98506-7
Pages 352
Weight 490 g.
Dimensions 220x140x30 mm
Binding Hard cover (138x212)

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