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Combination of welding outlet and flange Nipoflange in pipeline construction A nipoflange is used in pipeline construction just like a welding outlet or a nipple outlet for a 90 ° branch. A Nipoflange is a combination of welding outlet, nipple outlet and flange. Further terms for Nipoflange are Weldoflange or Flangeolet. Two different branch sides On the pipe branch side , a nipo length has the shape of a welding outlet. This means that the branch from the pipe is made with a welded joint. There is a flange on the connection side, ie a flange connection is created. The flange can be designed according to customer requirements (usually according to DIN or ANSI). Nipoflange as a forged fitting A nipoflange (similar to ANSI B 16.9 / MSS-SP 97) is usually made from a forged blank. This means that a Nipoflange is a forged fitting and has no welds.

  • Nipoflange
  • used in pipeline construction
  • Combination of welding outlet
  • nipple outlet
  • welded joint

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