Tantalum nitride for the hexagonal crystal gray. The relative density of 13.4; the melting point of 3090℃; thermal conductivity of 9.54W / (m • K), resistivity 128μΩ • cm, micro-hardness 3200kg/mm 2, conversion point temperature 17.8K. Do not dissolve in water, acid, slightly soluble in aqua regia, dissolved in potassium hydroxide and decomposition of the release of ammonia. Heating to 2000 ℃ releases nitrogen. The tantalum nitride resistors are resistant to water vapor erosion due to the material used to make accurate sheet resistances. Used as a super-hard material additives, for spraying, increase the transformer, integrated circuits, the electrical stability of the diode.

Product features

Molecular weight Colour Density Melting point Boiling point Nitrogen content 194.9
Colour gray
Nitrogen content ≥6.8
Density 13.4g/m3
Melting point 3090℃
Boiling point 4800℃


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