BN is smooth soft powder in white color. Due to the similar platelet structure with graphite, BN shows similar properties with graphite, so it is called “white graphite”. It provides perfect electricity insulativity, thermal conductivity, lubricity and chemical resistance. It has also strong neutron absorption ability. It is chemical inert materials, stable in the air at 1,000℃ and in argon even to 3,000℃. Its powder could be made into parts after hot pressed which is easy to machining. Such BN parts are stable even at 2000℃. Grade HC was produced at 1,600-1,800℃, with good high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance performance. Its original size is small and reunited size is large. Due to its round reunited particle shape, it is to be applied as filler or release agent when shape casting and injection molding. It is also used to produce composite ceramic and hot press BN parts. Our company is the sole Chinese BN manufacturer who produces high crystallinity Hexagonal...

Product features

Molecular weight 24.18
Colour white
Nitrogen content ≥57.3%
Density 2.25g /cm3
Melting poin 3000℃
Boiling point 3500℃


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