NivoCapa® NC 8000

Capacitive sensors for continuous level measurement in liquid and powder


The rod version of the NivoCapa® has a measuring range of up to 5m and in the rope version up to 25m. Its high sensitivity starting at a DK value of 1.5 ensures functional reliability and allowes the use in a variity of media. The NC8000 is a 2-wire instrument with analog 4… 20 mA output signal according to NAMUR NE43. It combines easy-to-set electronics with field-proven probes. The probe measures the electrical capacity in the process, which is proportional to the level in the tank. The large measuring range combined with a very small resolution ensures precise measurement results. The additional built-in Active Shield technology protects against measurement errors caused by caking. Even at high process temperatures and pressures, the NC8000 capacitive sensor delivers reliable measurement results. • Rod and rope versions. • Measuring range up to 25m. • RF technology with active shield. • 2-wire 4-20mA electronics.

Measurement and control instruments
  • Capacitive level sensor
  • continuous level measurement
  • level control

Product features

Certificates ATEX, FM/CSA, TR-CU, INMETRO, Lloyd´s
Process temperature range -40°C to +200°C
Pressure range -1bar to +35bar
Sensibility DK-value ≥1,5

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