NivoGuide® NG 8000

TDR-guided sensor for level measurement in liquids


UWT NivoGuide® radar sensors are used for continuous level measurement in liquid applications. The measuring range of up to 75m (246ft) and its high sensitivity from a DK value of 1.5 make it usable in almost all liquids. The measuring signal is guided on a rod or rope and is reflected by the medium, received again at the sensor and converted into a level signal. This makes it possible to measure reliably even in narrow and tall containers, regardless of the formation of dust or condensation. The NivoGuide® can also be used in high process pressures and temperatures. A menu-driven quick start wizard makes commissioning easy and safe. •TDR-sensor for level measurement in liquids •High flexibility by shortenable probe length •Measuring range up to 75m •Easy commissioning by quick setup guide •Maintenance free •Works in applications with vapour, buildup, foam generation and condensation. •Process temperature up to 200°C. •Process pressure up to 40bar.

Measurement and control instruments
  • tdr-guided level control
  • level control in liquids
  • liquid level measuring instruments

Product features

Certification ATEX, IEC-Ex, FM, INMETRO, TR-CU
Process temperature range -40°C to +200°C
Pressure range -1 ... +40bar max.
Sensibility DK ≥1,6

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