NivoTec® NT 2000 / 3500 / 4000

Level monitoring and visualisation


Complete systems for fill level and trend display, data storage and remote fill level information. Here we are able to move and communicate with flexibility between our monitoring and control systems. NivoTec® 2000 - Level Indication Integrated Within a Control Cabinet • Indication of level in weight, height, percentage, volume within a LED display • Silo "full", "empty" and "over fill limit" alarm via switch, horn and LED • For evaluating the output signal from any level sensors with analog signal 4-20 mA. NivoTec® 3500 - Level Visualisation via Webserver • User-friendly and flexible level visualisation configuration. • Simultaneous access to multiple computers on the Ethernet via browser software, no license cost. • Suitable for connecting all standard signal level sensors. NivoTec® 4000 - Level Visualisation via Webserver • Standardised, cost-effective version. • Easy to use software for up to 30 silos and bins. • Wago hardware.

Measurement and control instruments
  • visualisation
  • fill level trend display
  • level monitoring

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