The noise reducer is a barrier devices that enhances the performances by virtue of sound wave propagation at the point of "diffraction". With the installation of the noise reducer it is possible, the acoustic result being equal, to reduce the barrier height thus obtaining a benefit in terms of visual impact. The elliptical noise reducer, thanks to its special geometrical configuration, can be installed on any type of barrier, reducing the sound pressure field behind the screen. The installation of the elliptical noise reducer guarantees an increase in the Insertion Loss value ranging between 1.7 and 4.4 dB(A) depending on the chosen reception in the barrier acoustic shadow area, and the testing method, the height being equal or adding the reducer, as certified by free field testing, in compliance with standard ISO 10847. The elliptical noise reducer consists of a shell of aluminium sheet, or hot-galvanized painted perforated sheet with circular holes with six different diameters, to o


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