Non Combustible Insulation

Laminated Foil


The non-combustible insulating cotton blanket is formed by bonding elastic fibers and thermosetting resin to form a light and soft glass wool felt. We can produce customized products according to customer requirements. Non-combustible insulating cotton blankets are widely used. After use, they can promote temperature stability in buildings, reduce energy loss, avoid unnecessary consumption, and save money. Blankets can also be used as additional insulation materials to fill the voids in the walls and roofs of metal buildings The non-combustible insulating cotton blanket adopts advanced composite technology, the surface is smooth and flat, with extremely high light reflectivity, high tensile strength in the vertical and horizontal directions, high air tightness, impermeability and good sealing performance .

Glass fibre and wool
  • Non Combustible Insulation
  • cotton blanket
  • insulation materials

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