Non-Woven Drawstring Bags


Non-Woven Drawstring Bags Example: Non woven sports bag, backpack, drawstring bag with view window, marathon bag for Aktiv Leben, Austria Order: 8,000 pieces Format: 35 x 40cm + approx. 3cm (width x height + folded rim) Material: 110 g/m² non-woven material dyed red Printing: 1 colour black, logo, front side only (rear side view window) Handles: 2 white PP cords with knots running through the folded rim. Diameter 6mm, running down both sides two cords to the two metal grommets placed in the base, knotted. 4 x 40cm + 2 x 35cm + 40 cm extra = 270cm for each bag. Metal Grommets: 2 metal grommets placed in the lower corners Finishing: Sewn sports bag. Cords running through the folded rim and then through grommets. View Window: PVC window suitable for business cards, transparent, placed directly under the middle of the back of the bag, window size 6cm high, 9cm long, bonded. Packaging: Secure and easy to carry boxes, on pallets. Shipping: Free shipping via sea and duty paid to a curb...

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