Non-contact Precision Speed and Length Measurement

LSV - Overview


Precision speed and length measurements are critical for optimization of continuous or quasi-continuous production processes. Proper utilization of these measurements can lead to lower production costs and higher product quality. The ideal sensor must exceed traditional contact encoder performance, increasing reliability and accuracy while minimizing maintenance requirements and material yield. The LSV Laser Surface Velocimeters have been designed as the ideal next generation sensors for non-contact length and speed measurement. They provide precise length and velocity data quickly and reliably for both process control and cut-to-length applications. The LSV 1000/2000 measure reliably on almost any solid surface, whether controlling processes utilizing carbon steel, shiny aluminum or oily sheets, or producing round wire and cable, or manufacturing paper, cardboard or tissue. Compact, Reliable, Inexpensive and Profitable Zero speed, direction detection (only LSV 2000) Reduced...

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