Pressure fluctuations in a water distribution circuit can cause a reversal of the flow direction. In this case a check valves, installed between the water distribution system and the mains water supply, closes automatically and prevents any back flow, back suction or back pressure. The inspection openings provided before each backflow preventer unit, allow a regular monitoring of the safe functioning of the component. The series 49.0xx.x26, verifiable check valves, types EA and EC , is developed according to the performance requirements of DIN EN 13959 and are confirmed by an accredited laboratory. These are suitable, according to DIN EN 1717, for securing devices using category 1 and 2 liquids (according to WRAS the EC type is also applicable to fluid category 3). Also check valves protect sensitive equipment from contamination from backflow (e.g. behind pumps), dry running through retention of water (e.g. before not self-priming pumps), cross flow in systems with varying line...

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Product features

Housing PA 6/6 glass fibre reinforced
Internal none-return cartridge housing POM
Internal none-return cartridge seal VMQ
Spring Stainless steel
Plug of control port PA 6/6 glass fibre reinforced
Type Non-return valve (check valve)
Construction Construction The term construction here is normally referred to the design of a val Check valve cartridge in housing
Function Backflow prevention
Fitting position any
Media Cold and heated potable water and physically and chemically similar media
T-medium 65 °C max.
T-Medium 90 °C max. for 1 h
T-Ambient 60 °C max.
Pressure range Pressure range Nominal pressure or range. 0 - 10 bar
Control port G 1/4

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