Nordsil H

Silicone Sealant - High Temperatures –Heating –Furnaces

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Application NORDSIL H red is ideal for the following applications:sealing and encapsulating of heating components in various appliances, sealing in the aerospace sector, oven belts, industrial stoves, bag filters for chimneys, adhesion, sealing, casting, encapsulation and protective coating of component parts exposed to high temperatures. Properties RTV-adhesive and sealant NORDSIL H rot is a dimensionally stable, high temperature-resistant one-component paste, which cures into a viscous, rubbery material under the influence of water vapours at room temperature.The special formulation enables continuous application at temperatures from –65°Cto+260°C (short-term up to+315°C). This makes NORDSIL H red suitable for various sealing and adhesive applications. NORDSIL H is resistant to ozone and UV radiation and complies with the norm MIL-A-46106B

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310 ml cartridge

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