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MS - Mounting adhesive

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Application For especially fast and durable bonding of panels, wooden strips, window sills, metal compounds and construction materials. Also suitable for bonding in kitchens and bathrooms, e.g. glass panes, mirrors, lacquered glass, etc. Due to its high initial tack no auxiliary implements (such as clamps or mirror tapes) are necessary. Properties Single component high-performance polymer-based assembly adhesive with very high initial tack and very high end-load capability after curing completely. It absorbs acoustic vibrations. The following amounts of adhesive are necessary for an immediate adhesion with no mechanical bracing: vertical adhesion (amount of adhesive) - 50 cm² per 1 kg of weight - 100 cm² per 2 kg of weight - 1000 cm² per 20 kg of weight horizontal adhesion (amount of adhesive) - 50 cm² per 5 kg of weight - 100 cm² per 10 kg of weight - 200 cm² per 20 kg of weight Curing time (23°C, 50% RH) 2-3 mm in 24 hours.

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290 ml cartridge

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