Nordsil N

Windows– Connecting Joints


Application A remarkably low-emission product (EMICODE EC1+) for use in public buildings as well as food treatment and processing facilities. A specialised product for window construction, exceptionally good adhesion to varnished wood. Nordsil N is a permanently elastic, neutral cure single component silicone sealant. Suitable for sealing of windows, connecting and expansion joints, wood, concrete and synthetic materials. Properties Broad adhesion spectrum even under extreme conditions. Neutral crosslinked one-component silicone sealant, uncut, free of foreign plasticisers. Coating compatibility according to DIN 52452 T4, highest sealant group E in accordance with DIN 18545, broad adhesion spectrum, provides a universal range of applications, abrasionproof and non-corrosive to metals, permissible total deformation 25% after DIN 52455-3, temperature resistance -50°C to + 150°C, curing time (23°C, 50% RH): 3.0 mm in 24 hours; 7 days 7 mm.

  • silicone sealants
  • adhesives for wood
  • window sealant

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