Norfix Spiegel- und Sprossenklebeband

Fastening mirrors, shower and bathroom accessories


Application Fastening mirrors, shower and bathroom accessories, electronic parts, outdoor displays, attaching sash bars, upgrades/repairs as well as interior and surface attachment of accessories in automotive industry and vehicle construction, etc. Eigenschaften Assembly tape made of cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene (PE). Double-sided tacking with highgrade acrylic adhesive. Designed for high performance, even outdoors and in damp spaces. Strong initial tack and high shear strength. High resistance to weathering, UV radiation and plasticisers. The acrylic adhesive reaches ultimate bond strength approximately 24 hours after application.

Waterproofing construction products
  • Nordsil
  • Nordsil Vapour Barriers / Sealing Strips / Round Cords
  • Norfix Spiegel- und Sprossenklebeband

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