Common Name: Norflox Strength: 400 mg Norfloxacin is approved for the treatment of urinary tract infections, prostatitis, and sexually transmitted diseases. Norfloxacin is prescribed for treating bacterial infections, including urinary tract infections, prostatitis, and gonorrhea infections of the urethra or cervix. This antibiotic works to kill bacteria by interfering with specific enzymes, which prevents the bacteria from multiplying. Some off-label uses for norfloxacin include preventing infections and treating other types of bacterial infections. Features 1) Antibiotic 2) Treats infections, urinary tract infections 3) WHO GMP Approved Plant 4)Customised Packing Available 5) Regulatory and documentation support available Pack Size: 4x5x10 Tablets IP or According to customer requirement. Minimum Order Quantity: 100000 Tablets

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