Novelis Advanz™ 6HS – s615


Novelis Advanz™ 6HS – s615 is a heat treatable product specifically designed and optimized for high strength requirements. This product offers an excellent balance of properties: superior formability in the as-supplied temper, high in service strength and excellent bending and crash behavior. Novelis Advanz™ 6HS – s615 has a wide array of applications for general structure and crash energy absorption such as engine supports, cross members, transmission tunnel and front and rear crash members. The product shows excellent formability and bake hardening response. Due to its superior in-service strength, this alloy is ideal for down-gauging both skin and structure components. All values listed are typical.

Cars - electrical and electronic parts and components
  • heat treatable product
  • crash energy absorption
  • down-gauging for structure components
  • transmission tunnel

Product features

Density 2.7 x 10³ kg/m³
Elastic Modulus 70,000 N/mm²
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 23.4 x 10-6 K-1
Thermal Conductivity 160 – 190 W/mK
Electrical Conductivity 26 – 30 m/Ωmm²

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