Novelis Fusion™ 6HF – e200


Novelis Fusion™ 6HF – e200 is a heat treatable product for applications with extremely demanding formability requirements. This product is recommended for outer applications such as body sides and decklid outers. This product has an excellent balance of properties for forming and strength. In addition, it offers a unique advantage in the hemming process enabling sharp feature lines and rope hem designs that permit the reduction in perceived gap between adjacent panels. All values are typical.

Cars - electrical and electronic parts and components
  • heat treatable product
  • decklid outers application
  • reduction in perceived gap between adjacent panels

Product features

Density 2.7 x 10³ kg/m³
Elastic Modulus 70,000 N/mm²
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 23.4 x 10-6 K-1
Thermal Conductivity 160 – 190 W/mK
Electrical Conductivity 26 – 30 m/Ωmm²

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