Nozzle Heaters



HotCoils have a larger cross-sectional area and are thus capable of greater power than MicroCoils. For this reason they are used in hot runners with adequate space and where high heat densities are required. Owing to the large number of variants and for cost reasons, the sheath material for HotCoils is stainless steel - the standard for the market and thus also for Freek. HotCoils are large enough that thermocouples can be integrated into them. Our standard here is Type J (Fe-CuNi; red/blue), while Types J and K are also available conforming to the IEC and ANSI standards (see colour codes). Since the measurement point of a built-in temperature sensor is situated in the heater and never where the heat is actually required, a HotCoil with a thermocouple makes particular sense where the application allows the use of larger processing (temperature) windows or where the installation location or the design requires protection against overheating.

  • nozzle heaters
  • heating wire
  • coil heater

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