Design of the nozzle in accordance with the ISO5167, BS1042, ASME.MFC.3M or ISO TR15377 :2007 standards  No need of calibration – standardised principle  Accuracy, repeatability and reliability of the flow element  Use for non viscous fluids at high velocity  Especially suitable for high velocity measurement of vapor flow  Very long life-time product  Different types of flow nozzles : ISA1932, long radius, venturi-nozzle

Flow meters

Product features

Ratio pressure loss 14% of ΔP for β=0,8 to 81% of ΔP for β=0,3 Venturi-nozzle : 11-21% of ΔP for β=0,4 to 3-8% of ΔP for
Accuracy 1 to 2,5% depending on the installation
Material Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Monel alloy, Hastelloys, Inconels, Titanium, Tantalum, PVC, etc
Assembly Between flanges, inserted between carrier rings with annular slots, monoblock
Piping connection Between straight sections (variable lengths regarding β and obstacles located up and downstream – se
Type of gaskets Flat seal (spiral wound gasket, graphite, PTFE) or RTJ (mild steel, stainless steel, monel alloy…)
Centering of orifice bore relative to piping Distance e between the centerline of the throat and the centerline of the pipe on the upstream and d

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