Nucleation unit for continuous production lines POFI-Engineering concept: Foam polyurethane is before a whole alveolar plastic. The properties of this matrix depend mainly on two factors, the structure and the composition. The structure of the cells is carried out by the action of the inflating agents. More the structure is fine and homogeneous, more the mechanical characteristics of foam polyurethane are good. The chemical composition between also mainly in its mechanical resistance. A homogeneous and stoichiometric mixture confers on foam polyurethane its optimal mechanical characteristics. Nucleation (air, nitrogen or CO2) enters the part still little used mechanical expansion. When physical agents are used to form the cells, the gas phase of the alveolar plastic is chemically identical to that of the inflating agent. This technique had problems of implementation, recently solved by the addition of the function of miscibility of gases in a liquid via a whole of variations of...

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