Numbering heads
are used to mark consecutive numbering, serial or model-number  - BORRIES MARKIER-SYSTEME GMBH


BORRIES numbering heads were used to mark consecutive numbering, serial or model-number on almost all materials like steel, cast iron, aluminum, plastic etc. The application area ranges from the single production up to the integration in automatic production or transfer lines. The numbering heads can be combined with each other and extended with type holders and steel types. Besides numbers, letters or special engravings are also available. All BORRIES products are assembled with the highest precision and quality standard. It guarantees a long life time and a high stability.

Stamping - machine tools
  • Conventional Marking Technology
  • stamping
  • workpiece marking

Product features

ANPW numbering head Automatically adjustable (FH 1-8 mm)
VNPW numbering head Manually adjustable (FH 1-8 mm)
TNPW numbering head Adjustable through key-levers (FH 1-8)
MNPW numbering head Manually adjustable (FH 1-5 mm)

Additional product literature

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