A nut driver is a tool for tightening nuts and bolts. It essentially consists of a socket attached to a shaft and cylindrical handle and is similar in appearance and use to a screwdriver. Perfect for the home handyman and professional contractor alike, these nut drivers give you the power to handle the most common sized fasteners with one versatile set. • Available in Transparent Handle & Opaque Handle. Transparent Item Code No.Opaque Item Code No.Blade Dia. mm ABM-SP-21301ABM-SP-213513 ABM-SP-21302ABM-SP-213523.5 ABM-SP-21303ABM-SP-213534 ABM-SP-21304ABM-SP-213544.5 ABM-SP-21305ABM-SP-213555 ABM-SP-21306ABM-SP-213565.5 ABM-SP-21307ABM-SP-213576 ABM-SP-21308ABM-SP-213586.5 ABM-SP-21309ABM-SP-213597 ABM-SP-21310ABM-SP-213607.5 ABM-SP-21311ABM-SP-213618 ABM-SP-21312ABM-SP-213629 ABM-SP-21313ABM-SP-2136310 ABM-SP-21314ABM-SP-2136411 ABM-SP-21315ABM-SP-2136512 ABM-SP-21316ABM-SP-2136613 ABM-SP-21317ABM-SP-2136714

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