ODAC ® Laser Measuring Heads

ODAC - Overview


Ten thousands of ODAC ® measuring heads have been in use successfully for over 30 years. From international conglomerates to the small manufacturing company, ODAC ® instruments are being used in multiple industries, contributing to their financial success and continuously adding to a comprehensive reference list. The ODAC ® brand does not only represent non-contact dimensional measurement ( laser diameter measurement ), but also unusual insensitivity to dirt, the highest precision, and a compact design. The result: Optimum performance at a minimum price. Your Advantage: Short payback period Easily integrated anywhere Reliable operation even under rough conditions Seamless monitoring of tolerances Important Features: Very robust, lasting design Extremely insensitive to dirt Highly developed optics and scanning technology Highest accuracy and permanent calibration Measurement insensitivity to product positioning (Self)calibration of Measuring Units Increases Accuracy of...

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