Used to protect the power lines of voltage 35kV and above from lightning overvoltage and for construction of optical communication systems via optical fiber. Part 1 - Aluminum clad steel wire Part 2 - Optical fiber Part 3 - Stainless steel loose tube filled with hydrophobic gel Part 4 - Stranded aluminum clad steel wires and/or aluminum alloy wires Advantages of OPGW: provides two functions at the same time: protect the power lines from lightning overvoltage and for construction of optical communication systems; high reliability and corrosion resistance of OPGW, extended service life due to the use of modern materials, such as aluminum clad steel wire, which is more resistant to oxidation than galvanized; higher permissible mechanical loads during installation and operation; the maximum possible number of optical fibers in OKGT-s;

Wires and cables, steel
  • Aluminum clad steel wire
  • OPGW with steel optical tubes
  • aluminum alloy wires
  • steel wires
  • wires
  • Optical fiber
  • Stainless steel loose tube
  • Stranded steel wires
  • Aluminum wire

Product features

Temperature range of operation, °C 60+85
Temperature range of installation, °C not lower then -30
Minimal bending radius not less than 20 diameters
Lifetime 50 years
Guarantee exploitation 5 years after commissioning, no more than 5,5 years from the date of delivery
Tensile strength from 25,0 kN to 500,0 kN
Crush strength not less than 10kN/100


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