OKM cable is designed for laying in plastic microtubes in a trench or in cable ducts. Part 1 - Central strength member – fiberglass reinforced plastic rod Part 2 - PE coating of rod Part 3 - Optical fiber Part 4 - SZ stranded PBT micro-loose tubes filled with hydrophobic gel Part 5 - Protective jacket

Cables and wires, electric and telephone
  • OKM cable
  • Cable pipes
  • cable ducts
  • fire safety cables
  • cables
  • safety cables
  • fireproof cables
  • Optical fiber
  • hydrophobic gel
  • Protective jacket
  • Zink-coated
  • FRP rod
  • urban lighting poles
  • plastic pipes
  • PBT micro-loose tubes
  • PE coating of rod

Product features

Temperature range of operation, С° 60+70
Temperature range of installation, С° not lower then -30
Minimal bending radius not less than 10 diameters
Tensile strength From 1,0
Crush strength not less than 3,0


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