Local overhead cables


Cable OKPA is intended for laying indoors, attics, in pipes, boxes, trays, and it is also allowed to pull between buildings and supports (up to 50 m). Is used in FTTx networks where the minimum geometric dimensions of the sheath and the protection of the fiber from climatic and mechanical influences are required. Part 1 - Optical fiber Part 2 - Strength element – steel wire Part 3 - FRP rod Part 4 Protective jacket

Electric cables
  • OKPA cable
  • Local overhead cables
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Product features

Temperature range of operation, С° 60+70
Temperature range of installation, С° not lower then -10
Minimal bending radius not less than 10 diameters
Tensile strength, kN from 1,0
Crush strength, kN/100 mm from 0,5

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