Multifunctional new generation hi-tech foliar fertilizer


Olifolia Cheetah is a balanced high rate NPK foliar fertilizer chelated with organic and acidic agents, enriched with multi vitamin supplements and manufactured by innovative NOCH technology. With its revolutionary hi-tech formula, it is a perfect accelerator, anti stress feature plant activator. • It is a perfect blend of water soluble NPK nutrients, trace elements, accelerators and root refreshing agents and the most effective solution where plant root environment adversely affected by factors such as lack of ventilation, low temperature, disease etc. • The active micro elements in its content enhances the shoot formation and oil ratio of the oily plants and vegetables. • It reduces yield loss by preventing damages such as fruit splitting and cracking, thus Olifolia Cheetah is perfect choice for best yield and productive growth. It is highly recommended to apply early in the morning or in the evening for maximum efficiency.

Plants & Fertilizers
  • plant activator
  • NPK foliar fertilizer chelated
  • organic fertilizers
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