OLTC Controller UP-200

OLTC Controllers


On-load tap changer (OLTC) controllers are the main part of the power equipment monitoring and control system. They continuously control status of switching devices of transformers with smoothly or sharply changing loads at 35-750 kV substations. Controllers UP200 operates with any type of sensors of OLTC drive position without additional adapters. Additional adapters are not needed. Exploitation of controllers are comfortable for substation personnel due to availability of separate screens displaying information on OLCT drive’s taps and information on transformer’s parameters. They are connected to transformers with nominal secondary voltage 100V and nominal secondary current 1A or 5A. Combination of controller and indicator functions results into multiple enhancement of operation control’s OLTC electrical drive reliability additional adjustment settings emergency diagnosis settings space saving on the control switchboard. Dimensions of the devices are 144х144х90mm.

Monitoring and control equipment
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  • power equipment monitoring
  • UP200

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