OLTC Position Monitor UP2x series

OLTC Position Monitors


UP2x series designed for drives with resistive sensor: • MZ-2, MZ-4; • MR, EM and ED-S; • SAV1-1600-245/ 245-013; • PDP-1, PDP-4 with replacement of selsyn sensor by resistant sensor of drive position DP-2; • PDP-5L and any other drives equipped by resistant sensors with number of taps not more than 99. UP2 series devices have possibility to compensate electrical resistance of connecting wires and work in configuration mode when the transformer is turned-on and located in the fixed position on one tap. Universal position monitor UP 25 has all available inputs and otputs integrated in one device. Such “single-device approach” ensures both indication of transformer step data on the control switchboard and transfer of such data to Process Control Systems (PCS) and other automatization systems. The device can be easily set up for different sensor types; even if you change your drive unit it is not necessary to change the indicator.

Monitoring and control equipment
  • UP2x series
  • resistant sensor
  • multifunctional devices

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