OLTC Position Monitor UP4x series

OLTC Position Monitors


UP4x series UP4х series compatible with analogue outputs “Current loop” designed for work with the drives: • MR, EM and ED-S; • MZ-2, MZ-4 with replacement of a standard resistive sensor by the digital sensor of drive position monitor DP4 manufactured by ANTRAKS equipped by analogue output “Current loop”; • PDP-4 and others motor drivers designed for use with selsyn sensor. Selsyn sensor in this case shall be replaced by tap position sensor DP3 with analogue output “Current loop”; • Other motor drives with resistant sensors with analogue output “Current loop” (0-5mA, 0-20mA or 4-20mA). UP Monitors family contains a number of devices, form very simple models suitable for solving particular problems to complex multifunctional devices that can be employed anywhere. Using our devices one can receive position information from any type of OLTC and transmit it via digital or analog outputs.

Monitoring and control equipment
  • UP4x series
  • resistive sensor
  • multifunctional devices

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