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Pneumatic staplers with clencher. Suitable for staples series 80 with length from 6 to 16 mm. PNEUMATIC STAPLERS FOR STAPLES SERIES 80, section 0.65 x 0.95 mm., width of 11.4 mm., length from 4 to 25 mm. Uses: Model with clencher suitable for the assembly of containers in cardboard or plastic, for the attachment of lids or funds for pipes, for the realization of trays, for the stitching of fabric samples, paper and plastic. Warning! The stapler OM 80 has the floating clencher, this means that to properly perform the stapling with retyping it is necessary to lay the clencher between a plan (ie. working plan) and the element to be stapled. The distance between the edge and the stitching is of maximum 150 mm. *CAUTION! The stapler may fix staples from 6 to 16 mm, but the points of the 80 series exist from 4 to 25 mm. Staples used: SERIES 80 The staples series 80 are the staples among the most used. If you were already in possession of staples with different name, you can see the compa

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80.16 145 stapler
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