Stapler for staples series WS, with firing hammer, length from 15 to 38 mm. Pneumatic stapler for staples Series WS, with firing hammer, section 1.40 x 1.60 mm., width 22,2 mm., length from 15 to 38 mm. Special model with hammer firing . Normally, after each shot, you have to release the trigger to shoot another clip; in this case it is not necessary, so just hold down the trigger and the shot will be made as soon as the stapler will be in contact with a flat surface. Uses: Assembling of furniture and cabinets, construction of frames for doors and windows, wood interior trim, cornices, waterproofing and insulating homes, hardwood floors, vinyl siding and aluminum, attack with springs in upholstery, production of wooden signs, drawers, backs of boxes, grids. Staples: The staples series WS are the staples among the most used. If you were already in possession of staples with different name you can see the comparison table to identify the type of stapler suitable.

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Model Charger
WS.738 150 agrafe

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