OMLEDOne s2 – flat OLED hanging light with OLEDs OMLED One is the world's first range of lights to utilise groundbreaking OLED technology. These “organic light-emitting diodes” combine many economic and ecological benefits. The bulb consists of thin layers of organic semi-conductive materials, which sit between two conductive layers. The organic layer emits the light so long as the current flows. The glass housing of this ultra-flat hanging light, which appears to float from the ceiling thanks to the filigree steel wire suspension system, serves as both the circuit board and the operating element. This is owed to a new procedure, which has been developed and patented in Germany, and sees tracks, electronic components, contacts and a switch to dim the light all placed on the high-quality white glass. As a result, there is no need to include a conventional plastic circuit board and an ultra-flat design can be achieved. The flat hanging light looks like a floating light surface. The...

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Energy efficiency class A+

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