OPTISONIC 3400 for District heating and Cooling

Liquid flow meter / ultrasonic / for district heating networks


Robust, ultrasonic flowmeter for District heating applications The OPTISONIC 3400 flowmeter is an unique, 3-beam, inline, ultrasonic flowmeter, designed especially for measuring homogeneous conductive and non-conductive liquids, with high accuracy and reproducibility, over a long period of time. This provides extensive self-checking of internal circuits and information regarding the health of the flow sensor, but just as importantly, vital information about the process and process conditions. Another unique feature of the OPTISONIC 3400 is the free of charge measurement of velocity of sound per acoustic path. For instance, this can supply information about pollution in the liquid, or changes in the process conditions.


Product features

Fluid: for liquids
Technology: ultrasonic
Applications: for district heating networks

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