K type thermocouple / flange / with ceramic thermowell


Insertion-thermocouple with ceramic thermowell The OPTITEMP TCA-P63 is an insertion thermocouple with ceramic thermowell and can be fitted with base and noble metal thermocouple. When the base element type K is used, measuring insert TC100 are installed. With noble metal thermocouples, for example type S, bare thermo wires are inserted into ceramic insulating rods and connected to the ceramic connection block inside the head. Execution: with single thermowell Design: ceramic thermowell with stainless steel holding tube Process connection: with clamp flange or gas tight compression fitting Thermowell design: gas tight aluminium oxide ceramic with different grades of purity Holding tube: Ø 15 x 1,5 mm Thermowell dimensions and material: Ø 10 x 1,5 mm, ceramic C 610 Ø 10 x 2,0 mm, ceramic C 799


Product features

Type: K type
Mounting: flange
Protection: with ceramic thermowell
Temperature: type K up to 1000°C / type S: Ø 0,35 mm up to 1380°C,  Ø 0,50 mm up to 1600°C

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