Resistance temperature probe / thermocouple / threaded / IP68


NAMUR sensor with extention tube for screw-in The OPTITEMP TRA/TCA-S41 is a temperature assembly without the neck tube. It is predominantly used in the lower temperature range (up to +150°C / +302°F). When it features a neck tube, spatially separating the process connection from the  connection head, the connection head cannot heat up as much. This is particularly important when there is a temperature transmitter in the connection head.  Form acc. DIN 43772: Form 3G Design: DIN-style, welded, multipart thermowells Process connection: threads: G 1/2, G 3/4, G 1, 1/2" NPT and 3/4" NPT Neck tube connection: with fixed neck tube Tip design: tapered tip Diameter: Ø 12/9  mm