Resistance temperature probe / thermocouple / threaded / rugged


Heavy duty sensor with extention tube without thermowell The OPTITEMP TRA/TCA-S50 is a threaded temperature assembly without thermowell. It can be screwed into existing, welded in thermowells or into machine housings. The range includes DIN variants with M18 x 1.5 mm connection threads and ANSI variants with ½" NPT thread connections. Form acc. DIN 43772: - Design: ANSI style Process connection: not available since these thermometers are without thermowell Neck tube connection: 1/2 NPT, NUN and 1/2 NPT, N Tip design: straight tip Diameter: measuring insert Ø 6 mm


Product features

Technology: resistance; thermocouple
Mounting: threaded
Other characteristics: rugged
Temperature: -200°C to ≤ 600°C

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