Organic Dark Chocolate Couverture made from only great Organic Peruvian Cacao Beans, its exquisite and exotic flavor will captivate you. Keep in mind that eating a small amount of dark chocolate helps improve health and mood. So let your imagination run wild and give your mouth an incredible chocolate! Choose the one you prefer: 85%, 75% or 60%. Not lecithin. >> HOW TO USE: You have many ways to enjoy and share it: •Chocolate confectionary •Desserts •Pastry •Chocolate decoration. >>PACKING: •Single block in carton case: 5 kg. net weight •Bulk bars in carton case: 5 kg. net weight >>CERTIFICATION: •USDA and EU Organic certification. •Kosher certification.

Organic food
  • dark chocolate
  • organic couverture
  • healthy and natural food
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