Comes from sorted high quality cacao beans, which dehydrated are roasted, peeled and broken into Little pieces. This Superfood is rich in antioxidant and important source of minerals as magnesium, iron and for that reason the cacao is considered as a Millenarian Food Worthy of the Gods. To eat Cacao Nibs is to try a true natural chocolate without sugar with less processing than a chocolate. The perfect way to enjoy all the healthy benefits from this outstanding ancient food. It´s an amazing healthy snack. >>HOW TO USE: Cacao Nibs are an excellent ingredient for a natural nutritious diet. It could be consumed directly or you could enjoy it : •Mix with Cheese and spread it on bread •Add it to your Ice cream •Prepare oats with Cacao Nibs •Add it in your delicious salad •Or prepare an incredible Chocolate smoothie. >>PACKING: •Carton Case: 15 kg. net weight CERTIFICATION: •USDA and EU Organic certification. •Kosher certification.

Organic food
  • healthy and natural food
  • organic cacao
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