SLIDING DOORS IN 120CM, 140CM AND 160CM. HEIGHT 2M, TOUGHENED SAFETY GLASS 8MM WITH CLEANEASY COATING. ULTRA LOW BOTTOM PROFILE 10MM, ADUSTMENT OF 40MM, SEAMLESS INTERIOR COVER PROFILES, PATENTED MAGNETIC CLOSE SYSTEM, The patented magnetic guide system is a key feature, allowing the door to glide smoothly along the bottom rail. The polished chrome corner post gives the slider door and side panel a robust construction, with no requirement for additional stabilising bar support. With a seamless interior cover cap, the floating top rail cleverly conceals the roller system internally. The finishing touch is the uniquely designed handle, beautifully formed to give a feeling of smooth perfection and ultra clear seals. ALSO AVAILABLE ARE HINGE DOORS. Experience perfection with the 8mm ORO hinge door. Ideal for smaller spaces, this frameless door features curved radius detailing throughout. Interior fixation points are discreetly concealed by an innovative cover cap design.

Showers, prefabricated
  • shower doors
  • The countersunk interior hinges allow you to wipe the shower glass clean with ease.