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OSG Saline Electrolysis System - MOSW-O®


World leader in innovation in the chemical industry site generators for water disinfection by Salt Electrolysis. The MOSW-O® technology combines salt, water and energy to generate profitable disinfectants site. Our generators are designed by experts give customers the freedom to produce disinfectants in the amount they need, when they need. Serving a broad spectrum of industries, MOSW-O® patented generators are available in various sizes to fit every application and produce superior results compared to traditional sodium hypochlorite and biocides. Twenty years of experience in the market for water disinfection and thousands of installations in over 40 countries, allow the cleaning of more than 27 million cubic meters of water per day. Safer, cheaper and much more effective, MOSW-O® is revolutionizing the process of obtaining safe water. MOSW-O® provides a faster and more spectrum to kill in equal doses to all kinds of microorganisms. It includes bacteria, viruses, protozoo